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#8 Things That Make Ratlami Sev a Memorable Delicacy

by Samkit Mehta
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Ratlami Sev are immensely popular across the world for their distinct flavor and aroma. They are widely liked by those who have tasted them. And those who have not laid their hands on Ratlami Sev yet are missing out on a lot of things. Here are a few things which make Ratlami Sev one of the most memorable Indian delicacies in the world.

1. They Have a Great Aroma

One of the best things that Ratlami Sev comes with is their aroma. The sweet fragrance of Ratlami Sev takes over your mind and makes you want to eat more of them whenever you are eating them. Ratlami Sev is the perfect example of how big things come in small packages in your life. You will never forget the aroma of Ratlami Sev. It is mild, is good on your nose and does not seem intense in any way at all. A majority of people love eating Ratlami Sev just because they smell good. You may have not realized this, but aroma is one of the most important qualities of food and is decisive in how they taste.

2. Their Taste is Incredibly Delicious

For the reasons mentioned above and more, Ratlami Sev tastes incredibly delicious. It is not possible for something so simple to be so delicious, but Ratlami Sev is all about accomplishing the impossible. After all, it is a humongous feat to satisfy millions of people at once with a simple taste. It is rightly said that simplicity is indeed the best way to impress someone, and it could not be any truer in the case of Ratlami Sev.

3. Cooking Them is a Hassle-free Process

Ratlami Sev are liked by all, but only a few know how to cook them. Even when the process to prepare them is free of hassles, people still prefer to buy them from the market rather than cooking them at home. Ratlami Sev can be easily prepared by following any of the recipes available on YouTube. If you want to enjoy the true feeling of eating Ratlami Sev, then you must try cooking them by yourself. You will not be disappointed in their taste, flavor and aroma given that you have followed the recipe religiously.

4. You Can Eat Them Anywhere

Fun fact is that you can eat Ratlami Sev without coming to Ratlam. The thing is that they are immensely popular across the world, and hence they are easily available. You can find Ratlami Sev at almost every confectionery shop in India. The ease of availability has made it possible for Ratlami Sev to win the hearts of millions of people in the whole world.

5. They are Very Filling

If you have any inhibitions regarding the filling capacity of Ratlami Sev, then you must know that despite being small in portion they are highly filling. You can eat them on an empty stomach, and you will be relieved of hunger for a long time. There is nothing like Ratlami Sev that can satiate hunger by eating it in small amounts. It is because of this quality that Ratlami Sev are widely liked by people and they often take them to schools, colleges and offices to fulfill their mid-work cravings.

6. You Can Gift Them to Your Friends

Ratlami Sev are also circulated among friends as a token of love and appreciation on festivals. They are accepted and eaten with the same amount of love. The eagerness to get Ratlami Sev as a gift on any festive occasion is visible in the eyes of those who love this amazing Indian delicacy.

7. You Can Take Them for a Train Journey

When you are travelling long distances, it gets quite tiresome to carry a lot of weight with you. And taking large tiffin boxes with food packed in them adds more weight to it. Ratlami Sev comes to your rescue as it is easy to carry and easier to eat. So take them with you the next time you are travelling in a train.

8. They Make for Amazing Midnight Snacks

When midnight cravings get the best of you and you have got nothing to eat, it is best that you munch on a pack of Ratlami Sev. They will not only curb the craving, but also keep you full for a long time.

Ratlami Sev are not just one of the most famous things in Ratlam, they are famous across the globe. And if you do not believe this, ask anyone who has ever tasted this amazing namkeen. There is hardly anyone who does not love them. If you have not tried them yet, you must do it right away! They are something that you will remember for the rest of your life, and you will even find it hard to let go of them once you have tasted them.

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