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8 Famous Ratlami Food Items You Are Missing Out On!

Ratlam, earlier known as Ratnapuri, is a northwestern city in Madhya Pradesh. Ratlam, a part of Malwa Agency of Central India under the British Raj, is a city full of history and culturally rich heritage. Ratlami cuisine and snacks are famous all over India, who hasn’t heard of Ratlami Sev right?! But there is much more to the mouth-watering cuisine of this city of gems than the infamous Ratlami Sev, from namkeens to sweet delights, it has many culinary wonders to keep your taste buds in a trance. I’m sure you’re curious about what else is in store, so read this article and find out all the Ratlam famous food items here!


Ratlami cuisine is mainly vegetarian and depends on the kind of natural vegetables or ingredients are available, but there are many cuisines that you can eat any time of the year. It is the simple, tasty, and comforting food that we all crave. From fast foods to delicacies that remind us of home and simpler times, this city of gems has indeed many gems in the store of food lovers! Ratlami namkeen is one of the most famous namkeen snacks in India, the wide variety of samosas, sev, and chaats are something that you absolutely can not miss out on if you’re in Ratlam.


A majority of the snacks we buy in packaged products are some of the most famous street food crazes in Ratlam. The mouth-watering street food stalls of Ratlam are sure to tempt any food lover in the world. In a simple fast food dish like chaat, Ratlam offers a huge variety of options like Kela chaat, Aloo Tikki chat, and dahi chat. Let’s see what other Ratlam famous food items you should try out!

Here are the foods in Ratlam that you must try at least once in your life:

  1. Kela Chaat

Kela chaat or raw banana chat is made from green unripe bananas. They’re chopped in pieces and fried just like aloo tikki chaat and are then mixed with onions, sev, dahi and peanuts. Although it may seem weird to eat a banana in a savory dish, I can assure you won’t be able to get enough of this dish!

  1. Ratlami Poha

Poha is one of the most famous breakfast dishes across India, especially in Madhya Pradesh. But what makes Ratlami poha so delicious? Ratlami poha is served with sev and is a sweet and savory delight. The soft poha with the crunchiness of sev makes it one of the most famous dishes in Ratlam.

  1. Ratlami sev

I think this particular snack needs so introduction, from Haldiram to many other namkeen manufactures, Ratlami sev is sold nationwide and is one of the tastiest namkeen snacks in India. It is something that you can not stop eating once you start, it can be paired with any dish like poha or chaat and it just increases the savory and spicy flavor!

  1. Sabudana Khichdi
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Sabudana khichdi is something that reminds us of home, it is a comfort food that no one can ever dislike. Ratlam is home to some of the best sabudana khichdi stalls that people from all over India drool over. Enriched with peanuts, it is a delicacy that keeps you hooked and satisfied with your meal!

  1. Dal bafla

Dal bafla is one of the most famous foods in Ratlam, it is a form of bread made from a variety of lentils and grain flours like wheat flour. It is typically served with Malwa dal and but it can be eaten with anything of your choice or even just as a simple tea-time snack! It is a slightly savory dish that makes a perfect partner for a tea-time stroll around Ratlam.

  1. Amli ri kadhi

A wholesome and simple comfort food, amli ki kadhi is the perfect companion for rice if you want a fulfilling, tasty, and light lunch. It is slightly tangy and sweet and has a curdy base enriched with jaggery and gram flour. It is a great dish to keep your tummy happy and satisfied!

  1. Barfi

Barfi is something that every Indian eats to celebrate happiness, in Ratlam cuisine, a meal can not be complete with a sweet delight at the end. With a wide range of barfis, from Kaju barfi to anjeer barfi, you’ll fall in love with this sweet Ratlami delight. Barfi is something that you absolutely can not miss out on in Ratlam!Ratlam was formerly known as Ratnapuri or the city of gems, and indeed it is a city filled with culinary gems like chaat, Ratlami sev, and many more delicacies. Ratlam famous food items are something that you immediately fall in love with. They’re vegetarian, light, and have a wide variety of flavors that will get you instantly hooked!

Samkit Mehta
Samkit Mehtahttps://samkitmehta.in
Being a proud ratlami, I'm on a mission to spread more awareness about the cultural diversity and financial richness our city brings to the country. I envision Ratlam as a high growth city where we monetize the tourism that benefits our local businesses. I write about anything and everything that goes in and around Ratlam. I'm a big fan of it's delicious and crunchy "sev" that brightens my mood everyday! Apart from being a full time ratlami sev enthusiast, I'm a flagship marketer and business owner. You might recognise me as the "guy" from Sakhi Jewellers or Profit Plug. I own two business and I spend most of my time nurturing them with everything I have and everything I know.


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