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Buying Guide: Ratlami Sev Online & list of shops.

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Everyone in Ratlam is fond of sev and at every party, wedding, or in-home Ratlami Sev is a must-have Namkeen and you will find it on the menu. But, the fame of Ratlami Namkeen is not limited to only Ratlam. Ratlami Namkeen has demanded from all over the world. Today, we will tell you all the best buys available in the market. How to buy Ratlami Sev Online & Offline what is the difference between them. So, let’s start:

If you are not from Ratlam and haven’t tasted the original Sev yet, then it will be very difficult for you to find the original and best Ratlami sev online or even when you visit Ratlam and you don’t know a proper shop or manufacturer you will miss the true taste of it. So, it’s important to know all the flavors & types of namkeen available in Ratlam:

Type of Namkeen & Sev:

  1. Plain sev
  2. Laung Sev (लौंग सेव)
  3. Lahsun Sev (लहसुन सेव)
  4. Poha Sev (पोहा सेव)
  5. Sabji Sev (Used in sev ki sabzi)
  6. Mitha Mixture
  7. Spice mixture
  8. Fiki Sev

These are the most demanded namkeen of Ratlam. As from the name you know the difference. 

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How can you find whether the sev is manufactured in Ratlam or Not?

Recently, Ratlami has got a geographical identity no. To check whether this sev is manufactured in Ratlam see GI No 434 on the packet or box. Still, if you face any issues you can get in touch with the manufacturer. 

Where can I get the original Ratlami Sev?

If you are visiting Ratlam then you can visit the below-mentioned shops for original Ratlami sev & namkeen:

  1. Govardhan Lal Sev Wale (गोवर्धन लाल सेव वाले)
  2. Amar Namkeen (अमर नमकीन, माणकचौक)
  3. Gelda Namkeen (गेलड़ा नमकीन)
  4. Ghasiram sweets & namkeen (घासीराम स्वीट्स & नमकीन, धानमंडी)
  5. Trimurti Sweets & Namkeen (त्रिमूर्ति स्वीट्स, चांदनी चौक)

These are the Top 5 Ratlami Sev Namkeen that have their shops in the center of the city like Chandni Chowk, Manakchowk, Dhanmandi. So, you don’t need to travel a lot in search of true sev. Also, all these shops have a distance of around 500 – 700 Meters from each other. 

When it comes to online buying:

You can trust us for this. We are offering an exclusive service where we provide you with the best quality sev in the widest variety and at an honest price. To order visit the shop section and place your order or navigate to the direct Razor pay page here: Order Sev Online

There are various other vendors available online but prices have a scope and quality for sure. 

Generally, Prices are decided by Ratlami Sev Evam Namkeen Mandal & followed by all the shops in the Mandal. The current rate of Namkeen (Ratlami Sev & Mixture) is ₹ 240/KG. (as of 8 June 2022). 

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This is a piece of short information to buy ratlami sev online as well as offline. We will keep you posted with more other information. You can use the comment section for any other query and we will be as quick as possible to satisfy your query. Thank you for the support. 

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